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California Gold Panning & Gold Prospecting

Even today, gold mining continues on a large scale. Gold ranks 3rd in California''s mineral production. The state has produced over 150 million ounces of gold with most of that being produced in "The Mother Lode" placer mining areas. THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH WAS THE SECOND USA GOLD RUSH FIRST ONE WAS OUT IN THE EAST GOLD BELT.

California mining claim access

I have recently established a mining claim on Camp Creek in El Dorado County, California. It is a 40 acre claim which has about 2500 ft of river that runs through it. There is only one access to the claim currently which comes off a dirt forestry road. It looks as though the previous claim owner went to some lengths to try and camouflage the ...

$350 per month 40 acre California Gold Mining Claim with Creek

$350 per month 40 acre California Gold Mining Claim with Creek. This is a legally registered, 40 acre gold Mining Claim for sale, the Pierce Creek Gold #1, in Plumas County 23 miles south of the town of Susanville and 24 miles west of Janesville.

California Gold Claims|Gold Claims for Sale|Gold Claims

Gold Claim for Sale "Channel Gold" CAMC 0291808. 1. The name of this placer claim is "Channel Gold". 2. Located in Sec. 21 Township 12N. Range 6E. HUM. 3. Located in the Somes Bar Mining District, County of Siskiyou, State of California.

Plumas County Gold Claims

California, Plumas County Gold Claims For Sale. Seneca Mining District. We have 3 placer gold claims for sale. Asking $5,000 each. 1) "SweatySide" - 80 acres 2) "Topsider" 160 acres 3) "Nice Butt" -160 acres. 1) Sweatyside claim is next to the famous Lee …

Reinke Mining Adventures & Services | Grass Valley, CA

Reinke Mining Adventures & Services. Gold Mining Claims for Sale in California. RGM Mining group. The fastest growing and BEST mining group in California. For only $11 per month, you get access to AAA mining claims any time! Shown below are some of the claims we have available to members. New Claims are being added on a weekly basis!

How to Find Abandoned Gold Claims in California | Our Pastimes

 · The State of California Department of Conservation''s OMR office maintains a geological library that has maps of old gold mines and claims. According to Donald Drysdale, a spokesman for the department, the maps are not always specific but can put prospectors close to claim locations. Research claim ownership at the local county assessor''s office.


Gold Discovery - "The Discovery of Gold in California" is a classic account of the early events associated with the gold discovery and mining in California. Written in celebration of the Centennial of the Discovery of Gold in California (1848 -1948) by Donald C. Cutter as part of California Division of Mines Bulletin 141, "Geologic Guidebook Along Highway 49 - The Mother Lode Country."

The 4 Things to Know BEFORE you Buy a Mining Claim ...

 · Buying a mining claim is a right that is granted to any citizen of the United States, and there are many good claims out there that you can buy and find gold on. The purpose of this article is to point out that just because the land is claimed, there is no guarantee that there is actually any gold there.

Stake Your Claim In California Gold Rush Records

 · Be aware that Contra Costa, San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties are not included in the 1850 census due to their being lost or destroyed. By the time the 1852 state census was taken, many Gold Rush pioneers had left California. Mining Claim Records. While "staking a claim" is a well-known term, miners could not legally own a mining claim ...

Gold Mining in California

Gold Mining in California – Shasta County. Gold mining in California in the County of Shasta has produced well over two million ounces of gold since 1880, and an unrecorded amount from 1849 until 1879. Gold was first discovered in Shasta County California on Clear Creek in 1848 by a man by the name of P.B. Reading.

Statutes and Regulations

Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975 (SMARA) SMARA Statutes and R egulations (PDF) Ongoing Rulemaking Under this Act, Public Resources Code Sections 2710 et seq. and its regulations at 14 California Code of Regulations Section 3500 et seq., the Board provides a comprehensive surface mining and reclamation policy to assure that adverse environmental impacts are minimized and …


The California gold rush of the 1800s continues today with small miners mining for gold and silver in more than 5,000 mining claims and where rockhounders search for rocks, minerals, and gemstones on public lands.

Kern River Gold Prospecting

Kern River Gold Prospecting. The Kern River is one of the main waterways that drain the southern part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. Located south of the major gold discoveries of the Mother Lode, the first gold discoveries were found here in 1851, …

40 acres in Placer County, California

40 acres in Placer County, California. This is a legally registered gold Mining Claim for sale. Discounted price of $2500 for a one time full payment, or Total of $3000, that can be paid with no downpayment and no interest charged, at $500/month for 6 months.

Mining Law FAQ

Under the General Mining Law of 1872 (May 10, 1872), as amended (30 USC 21-54), citizens of the United States or those intending to become citizens are provided the opportunity to explore for, discover, and purchase certain valuable mineral deposits on public domain lands in the United States.The law also sets general standards and guidelines for "claiming" the mineral rights to minerals ...

Brodec Location Services

 · SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CLAIMS AVAILABLE NOW! This 20 acre unpatented placer mining claim is located near the bottom of Van Dusen Canyon and boasts the rare locking gate and historic workings (though closed) are extensive. Lots of history, seasonal water and GOLD!

Blackwater Gold Mining Claims

The Blackwater mines are part of the historic Blackwater prospects that were known for producing massive amounts of gold. The prospects were staked in 1984 a...

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Aug 1, 2017 - mining claims located in California. See more ideas about california, mining, benitoite.


ARIZONA MINING CLAIMS. FOR SALE 3 40-acre AZ claims. They are 7500 each or 12K for 2 or 15 for all 3. Claims are located on Monarch Wash about 7 miles SE of Wickenburg and 45 miles NW of Phoenix. This wash along with the San Domingo wash are good gold bearing washes. The Monarch wash traverses the entire claim in a NE to SW diagonal.

Gold Mining in California

The Plumas-Eureka Gold Mine was a major producer of lode gold. At the La Porte district, in the southwest part of the county, in township 21N and range 9E, was the hydraulic mining center since the 1850s, with total production, 1855-1959, of 2,910,000 gold ounces. At Mumfords Mill the area copper mines had a by product of gold.

California Gold Claims | Gold Claims for Sale

These unpatented gold mining claims are suited for most types of gold mining activities from sluicing and high-banking to metal detecting and suction dredging. They are located in one of California''s richest gold-producing areas. All California gold claims for …

Mining Claims – Western Mining History

A large number of claims, especially placer claims, are for the purpose of gold mining. Where these gold claims are located can be inferred by their proximity to historical gold mines. The WMH Gold Explorer displays both placer claim data by PLSS section and the locations of historical gold …

Gold in California — How to Stake a Gold Mining Claim ...

If you''re looking for gold in California, the Mother Lode country along the western side of the Sierra Nevada Range is still the best place to go. Remember that prospectors can only stake mining claims on BLM Land, National Forests and Wilderness Study Areas.

California Gold Mining Claims

California Gold Mining Claims has 2,172 members. CA mining claims and mining equipment for sale or lease. All things related to the history of prospecting and mining in California…

Mining Claims | Bureau of Land Management

40 acres in Placer County, California. This is a legally registered gold Mining Claim for sale. Discounted price of $2500 for a one time full payment, or Total of $3000, that can be paid with no downpayment and no interest charged, at $500/month for 6 months.

AGE, Placer Mining Claims For Sale, California

 · 117.5 Acres - $9,500. Happy 4th of July!!! We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy, Independence Day! New Featured Claims: Wolverine 1, 2, & 3, on Wolf Creek in Plumas County. Rush 3 on Rush Creek in Trinity County: SOLD! January 19. Happy New Year!!! Texas Claim Block on Little Grizzly Creek - SOLD! December 1.

40 acre California Gold Mining Claim River & Creek

This is a legally registered, 40 acre gold Mining Claim for sale. Total price of $3950 for a one time full payment. A signed contract will precede payment. I am a retired teacher, and got into prospecting as a hobby with my family. We located claims in 2 different, awesome areas of California: both nearer to …

Land Matters California Mining Claims

Land Matters California Mining Claims. Longitude and Latitude. Map Tip ×. Zoom in First. Then choose a Base Layer To stay Informed. About Land Matters Updates. Subscribe. to the Landmark Newsletter Customize Your Map. Right Click on any Layer name and choose "transparency" to …

Daly City, California Gold Mine Mines | The Diggings™

Filter 5 gold mine mines by commodity, disposition, development status, and record type in Daly City, California. Quick Facts Asbestos, Copper, Gold, Lead, and Magnesite mines located in Daly City, California.

Mining Claim Packet

2 0BSo, You Want To Locate a Mining Claim 1. Before you can locate a mining claim or site, you must determine if the lands are in fact open to location and mineral entry. A mining claim cannot be located in areas closed to mineral entry under the authority of specific laws, regulations, and/or public land orders. These lands are referred to as

California Gold Claims | Gold Claims for Sale

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Eve Lode #22. 20 acres. This is a very fine gold property with great access to a rich gulch located on the claim. We can find gold on this claim right now. It has a nice meadow and great camping areas. $7,000.00 FINANCED!! 20 acres. The town site of New Florence nests inhe middle of this claim.

60-acre Placer Mining Claim on Slate Creek, LaPorte California

Sale Price:10,000.00Original Price:15,000.00. For sale is a very unique and sought-after mining claim on Slate Creek near LaPorte California. This claim is 60 acres and unpatented (Not private property, located on Forestry public land) Slate Creek is known as one of California''s richest creeks when it comes to gold, in our experience, it is ...

High-Grade Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease

High-Grade Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease - Some of the highest quality gold claims offered on today''s market - The Claim Post - The most trusted name in gold property listings. Mining Properties For Sale in one of the most historically gold-rich regions in the western United States. Placer & Hardrock Opportunities. Placer & hardrock gold mining and mineral exploration.

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 · This quartz claim is a 20 acre placer gold claim located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California on a creek & mountain adjacent to an old hydraulic mine from the 1800''s. This is a great recreational claim suitable for metal detecting, sluicing, power …

California Gold Mining Claims / Gold Mining Claims For ...

This law, approved on May 10th, 1872, codified the informal system of acquiring and protecting mining claims on public land, formed by prospectors in California and Nevada from the late 1840''s through the 1860''s, such as during the California Gold Rush.